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What would cause water to stop flowing from the well into my house?
If water has stopped flowing from your well to your house, the three most common reasons are that your pump motor isn’t working properly, your foot valve on your drop pipe is broken or your pressure switch is isn’t taking readings properly. I can identify why your water has stopped flowing within a few minutes of observation in almost every case, and fix the problem the same day.
I want more water to come out of the faucet when I turn it on. What can I do?
You want more gallons per minute? You can deepen your well, drill a new well to a another water source, or add a water storage tank system.
Why does my water smell like rotten eggs? It’s nasty!

Sometimes sulphur gas gets trapped with your water underground. When the water is released into the air through your faucet or shower head, you can smell the stinky sulphur. The smell can be removed through aeration or a chemical treatment.

What prevents my well water from getting contaminated?

There is a ring around the well casing called an annular seal that prevents surface water and contamination from getting into the well.

What are the major benefits of having a well versus getting city water?

The county is not allowed to put a water meter on your well, so you’re off the grid, baby! In Osceola County there’s been talk for years about putting meters on wells, but the opposition is fierce and the chances of that happening are very slim.

Why are there stains coming around my indoor fixtures?

Stains are caused by minerals in your water. For example, iron in your water will cause brown stains. Depending on the types of stains you are getting, Cuttings Water Works can install a filtering system to deal with that particular mineral.

Are there special permits required if I want to drill a will or deepen an existing one?

Yes. Call us and we’ll let you know what the permit prices are in your county, and who to contact to get a permit.

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